HOW TO REDUCE annoying fungal issues like candida

Discover the little known herb that's helping kiwi's across Aotearoa with fungal infections (without the side effects from pills)

  • The system in your body that can bring balance to the fungal overgrowth. Using one simple product can activate it (this formula has been effective for many people)

  • The "entourage effect" that can help with thrush in just a few doses. Even after you've been told there's no simple fix for irritating itchiness! (you can use this one over and over... and you should, too)

  • The one compound that can drive down inflammation and sharply increase relief (people have noticed a change in their feelings of discomfort by adjusting their dosage and letting the system go to work)

  • A pubmed study says, "there is accumulating evidence that enhancing signalling through ECS receptors has anti-inflammatory potential in the intestine."

  • Plus... We'll reveal our top product that resulted in over 268 5-star reviews by users. (and how we made it our mission to educate kiwi's on the ECS)

"I had tried the pills and creams but nothing seemed to be working. A friend of mine told me to give this a try, so I did. After just a few days the candida was almost gone and no more annoying symptoms. I will definitely be getting another bottle of this oil!"  


"The itchiness was driving me insane. I have a chronic form of thrush that just wasn't going away no matter what I tried. I didn't think this would work, but thought, what do I have to lose? So I gave it a go, and I'm glad I did! The candida is almost gone and I'm feeling soo much better!"


"I have treated this candida with prescription items multiple times now and it keeps coming back. I gave this oil a go after a friend told me it might help. It's been over a month now and no more candida. I can't believe it!"


"When I first learned about the ECS and how it helps bring balance to the body, I knew I had to at least give the oil a go. I initially tried it for better sleep, but then I noticed my reoccuring candida had all but cleared up. Very positive."