Discover the little known herb that's new parents across Aotearoa with insomnia (and help balance mood and bring more relaxation)  

  • The system in your body that can bring relaxation to the nervous system. Using one simple product can activate it (this formula has been effective for many new parents)  

  • The "entourage effect" that can help you fall asleep faster in just a few doses. Even after you've been told there's no simple fix for the constant night wakes! (you can use this one over and over... and you should, too)  

  • The one compound that can drive down stress and sharply balance mood (people have noticed a change in their feelings of irritability by adjusting their dosage and letting the system go to work)  

  • A medical study says that this herb, "may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia and mood disorders."

  • Plus... We'll reveal our top product that resulted in over 268 5-star reviews by users. (and how we made it our mission to educate kiwi's on the ECS)

"I have been taking this hemp oil for about 3wks now & have noticed a big difference. I am more level emotionally & things don't affect me as quickly as they used to. Im able to "let go" of my thoughts which used to go round & round and keep me awake a lot. I am definitely sleeping better as well. I've been very impressed in the results so far.Very happy!"


"Does what it says it will do! Excellent product for stress and mood! Very quick to receive bottle in mail. Overall very happy with the purchase. Will be getting more!"


"First time user... I was so apprehensive about trying this product, but wow! I’ve noticed my mood is more balanced & over all I am happier, have my spark back & I’m loving this product!"


"New Best friend! Have now been using the oil for 8 days! I mainly brought it for my stress, anxiety and insomnia. I have already noticed a significant change in my moods already, especially my stress and anxiety. Instead of being a shouty mumma, I am now a very calm and understanding mum. My sleep is still yet to improve. I have also noticed I’m not needing to crack my back daily, haven’t done it since 6 days ago!