love manuka honey? have you tried activated maca?

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"Awesome product! Love the product. Have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have also recently broken my wrist. First time since the break thst i have managed to get through the days with no pain killers. So good that I have just reordered another bigger bottle."


"It's helping with my fibromyalgia. My son bought me a bottle to see if it would help with my fibromyalgia now I am on my second bottle and I’ve had no medication for the last two months. The product seems to do the job very pleased!"


"So Far So Good! Started this 4 days ago, no side effects! Trying this as I suffer from endometriosis and am tired of constantly popping pills for pain. On the third morning, it was the first time getting out of bed without crippling lower back pain. So will wait to see how things are after 4-weeks. Love what it’s done so far"


"Just WOW! I was on four different very strong pain meds waiting for a specialist and in a dark space. Instantly took away my dark mood and now I'm only taking one pain med every few days!"