Discover the little known herb that's helping kiwi's across Aotearoa with type 2 diabetes (without the side effects from pills)  

  • The system in your body that can regulate the endocrine system. Using one simple product can activate it (this formula has been effective for many people)  

  • The "entourage effect" that can assist with muscle cramps in just a few doses. Even after you've been told there's no simple fix for the stomach upsets! (you can use this one over and over... and you should, too)  

  • The one compound that can drive down nerve and arterial inflammation (people have noticed a change in their feelings of neuropathic pain by adjusting their dosage)  

  • In a 2011 study researchers concluded that these compounds may be of assistance in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. [1]

  • Plus... We'll reveal our top product that resulted in over 268 5-star reviews by users. (and how we made it our mission to educate kiwi's on the ECS)

"I got referred by a friend, to give this product a shot! So I went up to the Rangiora market & bought 2 bottles. The service was with a smile. Great knowledge with good info. After a month I feel more energetic, It's helped with inflammation, anxiety, and digestive issues, no more quickeze! I'm sleeping better too! Just got a new bottle delivered right to my door just in time as finished my first bottle. Really happy with my progress after a month. Highly reccomend giving this a go."


"I’m still experimenting a little with dosage, but at the moment I’m really happy with my this product. One definite improvement has been with chronic constipation, which has been a problem for years. I also feel like my nervous system in general is calmer. Will be interested to monitor this long term."


"This is just amazing, I love it. I have very bad stomach issues and since taking this product, it is starting to reduce some of my symptoms! What ever your issue, just try this oil, it’s not going to hurt you to try, but I guarantee you, you won’t stop."


"I have been through an episode of blurred vision along with dizziness and nausea. No fun, believe me. Started using the oil and over a couple of days it has helped settle everything back down again to a more normal level."



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