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What is PCR Hemp oil? 

Our hemp oil is the marriage of 2 products derived from hemp seed.

100% pure New Zealand grown cold pressed hemp seed oil and our proprietary hemp seed phyto-flour.


Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil made from the whole hemp plant?

No it is not. Although we wish it could be.

Current New Zealand legislation restricts the parts of the hemp plant that can be used in hemp products to only the seed and the stalk.

No flowers or leaves are used in the production of NZ Hempress PCR hemp oil. Only the seed.


Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil different to CBD oil? 

Yes it is. Very different.

PCR Hemp oil contains a diverse array of naturally occurring plant compounds and terpenes just how nature intended it.


Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil different to Hemp oil?

Yes it is. Very different.

Hemp oil contains non-therapeutic levels of plant compounds. It’s a healthy oil rich in unsaturated fats. It’s mainly used in cooking and also as a supplement. Online, you will see many places to buy Hemp oil, both in NZ and internationally.

NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil contains the same healthy hemp oil enriched with our proprietary hemp seed phyto-flour.


Where do you source NZ Hempress PCR hemp oil from?

From seed to shelf, our hemp products are 100% New Zealand grown – unlike other brands in New Zealand, who import from China or Canada.

It is extremely important to us that our hemp is organic. Our oil is sourced from spray free crops, tested and 100% free of chemicals and pesticides throughout the growing, cultivating and processing stages.

All our hemp seed is non-GMO. 


Why is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil not recommended for human consumption?

Current New Zealand legislation limits cannabinoids to non-therapeutic levels in all hemp products sold for human consumption.

Even though it is widely used by humans all over the world. PCR hemp oil is safe to use for your pet, no human or animal has died from using it.


Is using NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil for my pet legal in NZ?

The answer is yes it is. You are not breaking the law by using PCR Hemp seed oil for your pet. 

There are no laws regulating the use of PSR hemp oil in pets at present.

However, shockingly! Hemp or hemp products used as animal feed are regulated under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines (ACVM) Act 1997, and are classed as agricultural compounds due to the risk of cannabinoids being present in our export milk and meat supply.


What animals is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil good for? Is it dangerous for any animals?

NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil does great things for pets like dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and rabbits.

It’s also great for farm animals such as hens, chickens, cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, donkeys and ponies!

As far as we’re aware, no animals have an adverse reaction to hemp foods


Will NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil make my pet high?

No, it will not make your pet high at all. It is the THC in Cannabis that causes the high effect.


How much should I be taking?

Getting the right dose is important to ensure the oil is helping as much as possible. 

We suggest you use the titration method, start slow and low, and work your way up. Start with 1-2 drops 2-3x a day, under the tongue is best. 

Increase by 1-2 drops every 3 days until you find a sweet spot. Hold that for 7-10 days and then work your way back down until you find a maintenance amount.


What time of the day should I give it?

In the above suggestions, we have advised you to use twice to three times daily  for best results. You could also use the oil once daily and double the dose to make it easier to follow through on regular use. If you do this, we suggest you do so in the evening as the oil is known to promote good sleep and it may help during the evening.


What if I don’t notice any change after using it?

NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil is a food supplement and can enhance health. You can try the following:

Increase the amount - using higher doses than the above are known to have been used with good outcome. If after that increasing doesn't help then we suggest to break for a few days and start again on a very low doseage. 1 drop 3x a day and increase by 1 drop per dose every 3 days.

PCR Hemp oil is non toxic and you cannot overdose. If you consume too much it will only result in a less effective result. 

Do you guarantee your product?

We make no claims or guarantees about the effectiveness of our product. However, you can try our product risk-free

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