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We are leading the mission on educating kiwis about the health benefits derived from hemp so together we can free our families from physical and mental barriers by providing the highest quality hemp products. 

This is why we are creating a grassroots movement of Hempress' and Hemperors with our Affiliates (and loyalty program)…To share how this little hemp plant from Aotearoa is a remedy to chronic imbalances and nourishing kiwi’s nationwide. This way we can take back the power and put it in the people's hands.


We reward our Affiliates with 10% back on all orders for the life of the customer so long as they continue to order through the same NZ Hempress (email) account.

We provide you with your own unique code (link) that is tracked by cookies. When a referral makes a purchase within 30-days of using your code, our technology tracks the purchase with commissions being paid directly into your bank account monthly. 

 Example: 10 orders at $100 each, equals $100 commission paid to you that month.



Private Facebook Group so you can connect with our Affiliate community.


Receive feedback from our Affiliate Experts to assist your efforts.


The tools, techniques and resources so we can support you.