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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Pain Relief

October 02, 2019

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil For Pain Relief

Pain is something that affects both adults and kids every day. People experience arthritis, joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, chronic pain, and more. Finding the best solution to take the pain away is no easy feat, as most medications available provide incomplete relief. Some even affect your health negatively in the long run. 

Thankfully, this is where the new and effective option of using full-spectrum hemp oil for pain relief comes in. Full-spectrum hemp oil is only now gaining momentum in the health industry, and people have already begun to enjoy its benefits.

Contrary to what you may think, this full-spectrum hemp oil will not get you high. It has been made with only health benefits in mind. 

How Full-spectrum Hemp Oil Works

Full-spectrum is able to bring the entourage effect

Full-spectrum hemp oil is the best hemp oil for pain and inflammation because of the full range of elements it contains. These elements include C*D, which is well known for its ability to alleviate pain. Other elements in full-spectrum hemp oil reduce inflammation and promote overall health. Here is how it works within the body.

We all have a cell-signaling system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system affects several processes in the body and its receptors can be found in the brain and immune system. The ECS receptors in the brain are known as C*D1 and they are associated with actions such as mood, thinking, appetite, and memory. 

Let's use Marijuana of the Cannabis variety. The tetrahydrocannabinol component or THC binds to this C*D1 receptor. Thus, THC easily affects cognitive action. 

Naturally, in the Hemp plant, there is less than 0.3% THC and this is the reason it will not get you high. 

The receptors in the immune system are called C*D2 and they play major roles in the body’s response to pain and inflammation. Hence, when you use cannabis or in this case healthy full-spectrum hemp oil, the cannabinoids bind with C*D2. It affects these receptors indirectly by boosting the production of more natural cannabinoids. This positively influences the body’s response to pain and inflammation. The cannabinoids also activate non-cannabinoid receptors linked to pain. 

Why choose full-spectrum hemp oil for pain management?

There are several reasons such as convenience but the most important reason is that it’s healthier. Pain relief drugs such as ibuprofen are used to relieve pain and are easily available when needed. However, their major setback is a negative effect on your health following long-term uses. In some cases, you quickly develop a tolerance forgot a certain dose and some people increase their dosage putting their health in further danger. 

In contrast, full-spectrum hemp oil extract has no side effects and provides other health benefits alongside. These benefits include better sleep, healthier skin, improved appetite, and reducing anxiety. 

Full-spectrum hemp oil eases arthritis pain, relieves chronic pain conditions, back pain, muscle pain, and more. 

How To Use Full-spectrum Hemp Oil

Drops of hemp oil in a tincture bottles are suitable for back, joint, and muscle pains. Skip wondering where to buy the full-spectrum hemp oil for pain and browse our store today.