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We're on a mission to educate kiwi's about the ECS and it's role in nourishing and balancing the human body. And, we just happen to sell this unique form of hemp oil that everyone's talking about...

Reaching for pills for every pain and niggle has been a natural default for a long time. We all know they can contribute to major side-effects when taken long-term. But what almost no one understands about chronic imbalances is the concept of ECS. It's not upping the pills that helps you feel free from the constant disturbance in your body, it's getting your ECS activated. And that can happen even if you are taking pills, as long as you're taking in ECS-activating cannabinoids.



The ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid System) is the master key that brings balance to all other systems in the body, from circulatory, digestive and reproductive to the endocrine system. An inactive ECS puts all other systems at risk of imbalance and disturbance.


The goal is to activate your ECS by getting cannabinoids into your body. Now what are cannabinoids? Well, they're kinda like hundreds of little Rocket Scientists running through your body repairing and rebalancing you to make you feel awesome.


10,000 BC

Humans have been cultivating the cannabinoid-rich hemp plant for 10,000 years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians who used the plant for its many rejuvenating properties and industrial uses.


Since the 1920 ban on the growing of hemp and the resulting disappearance of cannabinoids from our food supply, we’ve seen an alarming decline in the health of the population over the past century.


And since legalisation in 2018, kiwi farmers have been changing to hemp for its fast-growing high-yield crop – with less than 0.3% THC content, hemp oil will not get you “high”


You've tried pills in the past. It's scary to try new things after so many options have failed you.

We are leading the mission on educating kiwis about the health benefits derived from hemp so together we can free our families from physical and mental barriers by providing the highest quality hemp products.

This is why we are creating a grassroots movement of Hempress' and Hemperors with our Loyalty program…To share how this little hemp plant from Aotearoa is a remedy to chronic imbalances and nourishing kiwi’s nationwide. This way we can take back the power and put it in the people's hands. 

It’s time to activate your ECS and join the movement today. We just happen to sell this unique form of hemp oil that everyone is talking about... 

You're just one drop away with our 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee.


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What is PCR Hemp oil?

Our hemp oil is the marriage of 2 products derived from hemp seed. 100% pure New Zealand grown cold pressed hemp seed oil and our proprietary hemp phyto-flour.

Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil made from the whole hemp plant?

No it is not. Although we wish it could be.Current New Zealand legislation restricts the parts of the hemp plant that can be used in hemp products to only the seed and the stalk.No flowers or leaves are used in the production of NZ Hempress PCR hemp oil. Only the seed.

Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil different to CBD oil?

Yes it is. Very different.PCR Hemp oil contains a diverse array of naturally occurring plant compounds and terpenes just how nature intended it.

Is NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil different to Hemp oil?

Yes it is. Very different.Hemp oil contains non-therapeutic levels of plant compounds. It’s a healthy oil rich in unsaturated fats. It’s mainly used in cooking and also as a supplement. Online, you will see many places to buy hemp oil, both in NZ and internationally.NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil contains the same healthy hemp oil enriched with our proprietary hemp phyto-flour.

Where do you source NZ Hempress PCR hemp oil from?

From seed to shelf, our hemp products are 100% New Zealand grown – unlike other brands in New Zealand, who import from China or Canada.It is extremely important to us that our hemp is of the highest quality and purity. Our oil is sourced from spray free crops, tested and 100% free of chemicals and pesticides throughout the growing, cultivating and processing stages.All our hemp seed is non-GMO. 

Is using NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil legal in NZ?

The answer is yes it is. You are not breaking the law by using PCR Hemp seed oil.

Will NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil make me high?

No, it will not make you high at all. It is the THC in cannabis that causes the "high" effect.

Will NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil cause me to fail a drug test?

We thought we’d be getting questions like that so we gave Nick five times the average dose. That’s 15-drops 3x per day for a week. He took a urine and blood test and passed.

Are there any known side effects from taking NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil?

The side effects are practically zero. As our oil falls into the functional foods category. Sometimes if people have a sensitivity to oil, they may get nauseous because of digestion oils, but that’s the exception not the rule.If your medication says it contraindicates with grapefruit then we suggest you consult your doctor.

How much should I be taking?

Getting the right dose is important to ensure the oil is helping as much as possible.We suggest you use the titration method, start slow and low, and work your way up. Start with 1-2 drops 2-3 times per day. Under the tongue is best.Increase by 1-2 drops every 3 days until you find no further benefit from the oil.Hold that for 7-10 days and then work your way back down until you find a dose giving you the same benefits from less oil.

What time of the day should I give it?

In the above suggestions, we have advised you to use 2-3 times daily for best results. You could also use the oil once daily and double the dose to make it easier to follow through on regular use. If you do this, we suggest you do so in the evening as the oil is known to support good sleep and it may help during the evening.

What if I don’t notice any change after using it?

NZ Hempress PCR Hemp oil is a dietary supplement and can support health. You can try the following:Increase the amount (using higher doses than the above suggestions are known to have been used with good outcome). If after that increasing doesn't help then we suggest to break for a few days and start again on a very low dose. 1 drop 3 times per day and increase by 1 drop per dose every 3 days.PCR Hemp oil is non-toxic and you cannot overdose. If you consume too much it will only result in a less effective result.

Do you guarantee your product?

We make no claims or guarantees about the effectiveness of our product. However, you can try our product with a 14-day no-risk money-back guarantee. Read our customer return and refund policy here.

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